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Sindibor History

For more than 80 years, SINDIBOR aggregates companies of the rubber products sector. A history that began officially on March 15, 1944, through the Registry at the Ministry of Labor.  Throughout all these years, the Entity continued engaged with the representation and defense of the rights and interests of the sector, promoting actions and information dedicated to its development, sustainability, innovation, and competitiveness.

However, this struggle truly began in 1931, when the economic and political environment was not so good for the rubber products industry. The difficulties served as an engine to boost the union growth and bring together entrepreneurs determined to strengthen and regulate the sector.

On April 24, 1933, on the 2nd floor of the building no. 4 of Quintino Bocaiúva Street, 33 manufacturers of the rubber products industry met together, which represented a large part of the sector, to discuss topics such as: the meaning of unionism, its operation, the impact on business, advantages, among others. And then, that afternoon, with unanimous approval, the “Union of Rubber Products Industries” was formed .

Thanks to the efforts of great entrepreneurs of the sector, the Union has grown, has gained credibility and respect, thus becoming one of the oldest entities in the defense of the industry.

Demonstrating that SINDIBOR is constantly evolving, in March 2014, the statutory amendment became official in the Ministry of Labor, and our union started to be called: Union of Rubber Products and Tire Retreading Industries of São Paulo State – SINDIBOR, officially legitimizing the representation of the tire retreading sector.

Quer ser um associado SINDIBOR?

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