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To be a member of SINDIBOR means counting on a successful environment to exchange experience with other companies, and having at your disposal special products and services, developed exclusively to strengthen and defend your company, including:

  • Defense of the rights and interests of the sector;
  • Trade defense;
  • Assistance and training in foreign trade;
  • Legal advice in labor and trade union areas;
  • Special conditions for participation in fairs and events;
  • Statistical survey on the sector and macroeconomic strategic information;
  • Sectorial Meetings;
  • Access to innovation and technology programs;
  • Courses, lectures, and seminars focusing on the sector;
  • Regional meetings;Express Bulletin, Legislative Bulletin and Circulars;
  • Sectorial Fairs Expobor & Pneushow;
  • Publicity of the Company on SINDIBOR website;
  • Meeting rooms and auditorium.
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Quer ser um associado SINDIBOR?

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